Why release a new FIFA every year?

EA Sports has been releasing new editing of FIFA almost every year, and many people are asking the reason behind it.

Most of the FIFA game lovers are suggesting EA sports to update the old version rather than releasing the new game every year, but EA sports do what they want. So I’m going to share with you the reason behind new release every year.


One of the biggest reason behind the new release every year is money. Corporations develop games for cash. They will get the money when they sell games every year.

Updating a game doesn’t pay them money because people had already bought the game. So EA sports always add some new update to the older version and released the game under a new title which helps them to earn more money.

Most of the people know this fact, but still, their love for football push them to buy the latest version of the game. Many gamers love to buy the newest version of the game, and they are proud of playing it.

They don’t care whether the game has the same feature or the latest feature, they just want the latest installment because no gamers will love to say that he has FIFA 18 when FIFA 19 is present in the market.

The gaming companies utilize the love of the people for games and turn that love into money. If EA sports keep on updating the old version, it will drive down their fans base because people usually get bored of the same game after some time and they will not be able to earn more money.

Latest features

EA sports never released a game without adding some new features in it. Gamers love that thing. Ever a small update can change the perspective of the game, and EA sports know that fact very well.

I’m a gamer too, and I would never play FIFA 16 when FIFA 19 is already present in the market. Like you can’t say that FIFA 16 and FIFA 19 are completely the same.

 FIFA 19 has a lot of new leagues, stadium, teams, and players which FIFA 16 might not have. EA Sports try to be more realistic in every new version of the game which helps them to maintain their fan base.

 The best thing about EA sports is that they don’t compromise the quality of the FIFA series. If you are paying money for the game, they give value to your money and provide the best quality of the game.

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New Technology

Technology is also one of the main reason behind the new release. Every year new technology, new teams, new rookies come out which changes the whole thing.

You can’t compare the technology of the year 2015 with 2019 because a lot of things change in sports and gaming industry in just a year.

With new technology, EA Sports has to release a new version so that FIFA game fans remain up to date with the game as well as technology. Moreover, games also lover’s new things in the game which force EA sports to release a new FIFA game every year.

Sometimes update sucks

Small Update can be a good option most of the time but when you have to update such a big game like FIFA with a lot of new features that update can be a bad option for you.

 The update can fix some bugs and can add some new feature, but when the change is significant, the update can be complicated.

When you are updating some very big changes in the game, there are chances that you might end up crashing the entire game which you will never want.

 Moreover, many developers find it easy to release a new game rather than making some big update in the previous one because the developers know that these updates are not going to pay them much, but a new release will surely pay them a tremendous amount of cash.

The other reason is that people like to buy a new game rather than updating the new one. It is the fact that gamers get exciting when they are purchasing the new game even if they know much about it.

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